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Mount Kaputar National Park
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NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service - Mount Kaputar National Park

Mount Kaputar National Park is the traditional Country of the Kamilaroi Aboriginal people. The park provided a rich resource for food, medicines, shelter and weapons and the landscape is part of Dreaming stories. Reminders of the Kamilaroi's connection to this ancient landscape are evident in Aboriginal rock carvings, campsites, marks on trees and axe grinding grooves throughout the park.

Two volcanos pushed Mount Kaputar high above the plains, and millions of years of erosion have carved a dramatic landscape of narrow valleys and steep ridges. Many of the mountains are ancient lava terraces. Experience ancient history for yourself by standing on Kaputar Plateau – an excellent example of a lava terrace. Or visit Sawn Rocks to see one of Australia's best examples of a spectacular rock formation called organ-piping - it really does look like a wall of giant organ pipes.

Mount Kaputar is famous for a very unusual, colourful local – a bright pink slug. It can be seen after rain on rocks, trees and amongst the leaf litter. With birds from both the east and west meeting together at Mount Kaputar, the park is also a wonderful place to go bird watching. More than 185 bird species live in the park, so don't forget your binoculars. A torch will also come in handy for seeing some of the other locals that come out at night, including possums and greater gliders. And watch out for the many kangaroos and wallabies, too.

Things to See and Do:

  • Barraba Track
  • Bundabulla circuit walking track
  • Doug Sky lookout
  • Euglah Rock walking track
  • Governor lookout walking track
  • Governor Summit (Corrunbral Borawah) walking track
  • Green Camp
  • Mill-bullah walking track
  • Mount Coryah walking track
  • Mount Kaputar summit lookout, walk, and drive
  • Sawn Rocks picnic area and walking track
  • Scutts Hut and Kurrawonga Falls walk and trail
  • Upper Bullawa Creek picnic area
  • Waa Gorge picnic area and walking track
  • West Kaputar lookout
  • Yulludunida walking track

Places to Stay:

  • Bark Hut picnic area and campground
  • Dawsons Spring cabins and campground



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Sat and Sun: 10am - 3pm

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