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Land of the Kamilaroi

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Pensioners Lookout & Heritage Sculptures
Lloyd Road
Gunnedah NSW 2380

Porcupine Lookout
Apex Drive
Gunnedah NSW 2380

Boonalla Map & Brochure

The Gunnedah Shire has a proud, rich and vibrant aboriginal heritage and is the traditional land of the Gunn-e-darr people of the Kamilaroi Tribe. The traditional language spoken is known as Gomeroi (or commonly Kamilaroi) with children in the Gunnedah community learning the traditional language today through their Elders and cultural mentoring.

The name Gunnedah originates from the 'Gunn-e-darr' people and is thought to mean the 'Place of White Stones' which refers to the quartz pebbles and outcrops in the area that are visible from the top of Porcupine Lookout, another significant place for the Kamilaroi people.
Gunnedah also has a famous linkage with Cumbo Gunnerah (also known as the Red Kangaroo or Red Chief) who was a clever chief and mighty warrior made infamous in Ion Idriess book 'The Red Chief'.

Legend has it that Cumbo Gunnerah, defeated a large opposing aboriginal tribe with only a handful of warriors by leading them in to the 'Wallaby Trap', a natural trap created by the land form and vegetation and used by the Kamilaroi Tribe to hunt wallabies – which can be found at the base of Porcupine Lookout.

A memorial to Cumbo Gunnerah stands proudly at the front entrance to the State Office Block in Abbott Street (across from the Police Station), 15 metres from his final resting place.
Local aboriginal sites that you shouldn't miss seeing include:

Cumbo Gunnerah Keeping Place: this gallery houses a significant collection of stone artefacts, carved trees, weapons and utensils. Visit by prior appointment only on 6742 3602.

Wallaby Trap: a traditional hunting ground popular due to the landscape creating a naturally occurring net. This can be found at the base of Porcupine Lookout.

Porcupine Lookout: This lookout is known to the local Aboriginal people of the Kamilaroi Tribe as 'Bindea' (pronounced Bindee), which translates to 'The place where the shrubs with leaves like a porcupine quill grow'.

Pensioners Hill: 10 Aboriginal totem poles stand tall on Pensioners Hill and were handcrafted by local artists in 2012. These poles represent significant people, dreamtime legend and customs of the Kamilaroi Tribe including the Biamee Spirit, the Red Chief Shield and the Rainbow Serpent. Large heritage sandstone sculptures also depict the cultural heritage of the area.

Boonalla: Boonalla Aboriginal Area is situated on the traditional lands of the Gomeroi (Kamilaroi). Boonalla is culturally significant to the local Aboriginal community, having maintained a strong connection to the area since the dreamtime and have carried the responsibility to protect and preserve the spirit of the land. Click here for the brochure on Boonalla Aboriginal Area.