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Warrumbungle National Park
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NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service - Warrumbungle National Park

For many thousands of years before European settlement, Aboriginal people regularly visited the Warrumbungle Mountains. The name 'Warrumbungles' is a Gamilaroi word meaning crooked mountains. Evidence of Aboriginal camps is widespread and is usually indicated by stone flakes which are remains of stone tool production.

Warrumbungle National Park is an area of former volcanic activity. The rocky spires and domes visible throughout the park are all that is left of a large shield volcano that was active over 13 million years ago, the lava overlays sandstone areas which are remnants of the 150 million year old Pilliga Sea. Its landscape includes forested ridges, barren peaks and deep gorges. The park was added to the National Heritage list in 2006.

Sometimes referred to as the place where east meets west, the Warrumbungle Range supports plants and animals of the moist east coast and the dry western plains. The diversity of the landform, microclimate and associated vegetation provides habitat for many animals including large populations of eastern grey kangaroos, wallaroos, emus and the threatened brush-tailed rock wallaby. The park boasts an impressive number of bird species including 19 of Australia's 55 species of parrots.

In January 2013 a major bushfire impacted on over 90% of the Warrumbungle National Park. The fire destroyed the park's visitor centre, historic woolshed, staff accommodation and caused major damage to the park's walking track infrastructure. Progressive reconstruction is being undertaken, with a temporary visitor centre established which is open daily from 9am to 4pm, and most major walks and camping areas already restored and open.

Things to see and do:

  • Belougery Split Rock walking track
  • Breadknife and Grand High Tops
  • Burbie Canyon walking track
  • Canyon Picnic Area
  • Coonabarabran-Baradine-Warrumbungle NP Drive
  • Coonabarabran-Warrumbungle-Tooraweenah drive
  • Mount Exmouth walking track
  • Warrumbungle Environmental Education Centre
  • Whitegum Lookout
  • Pilliga National Park

Places to Stay:

  • Balor Hut campground
  • Burbie Camp
  • Camp Blackman
  • Camp Walaay
  • Camp Wambelong
  • Gunneemooroo campground



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Sat and Sun: 10am - 3pm

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