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Gunnedah is situated in the heart of the Namoi Valley on the Oxley Highway and is approximately 450 kilometres from Sydney, 310 Kilometres from Newcastle, 655 kilometres from Brisbane, and just over 1,000 kilometres from Melbourne.
Gunnedah has a growing population with approximately 13,000 people residing in the Shire, which includes 5 outlying villages. There are currently 10,000 residents living within the Township.
Gunnedah Shire covers an area of 5,092 square Kilometres including Gunnedah as the hub of the Shire. Outlying villages include Curlewis and Breeza to the southeast, Carroll to the east and Tambar Springs and Mullaley to the southwest.

With Gunnedah being situated between the tropical and temperate climate zones, it experiences very warm to hot summers and cool to mild winters. Summer averages 18.2 degrees to 33.7 degrees. Extremes exceeding 35 degrees are common. Winter averages 2.9 degrees to 16.8 degrees. Extremes of 5 degrees have been recorded.
With Gunnedah being situated between the tropical and temperate climate zones, it experiences very warm to hot summers and cool to mild winters. Average annual rainfall across the shire is between 500 and 600 millimetres and tends to be dominant in the summer, with 43% falling in the four months November to February.

Gunnedah has over 20 accommodation choices in and around the town. From 4 star hotels to caravan parks, there is something for all budgets.
There is much to see in and do within Gunnedah and the surrounding regions. Call in to the Visitor Information Centre to find out more.
Gunnedah has a wide variety of dining choices in and around the town. From takeaways, to cafes, to restaurants, there is something for all budgets.

Gunnedah has a complimentary blend of big name chain stores and locally owned boutique stores retailing the latest fashion, home wares, books, gift ware and local produce. All major services are catered for including health, communications, banking, real estate, transport right through to travel, beauty and special events.
Key industry for the shire includes agriculture (cropping and livestock), manufacturing and processing services including timber mill, brick works, leather works, grain milling and coal mining. Gunnedah is also supported by a thriving commercial and retail service sector.

Famous Locals:

John Anderson - Former Deputy Prime Minister and Politician Erika Packer - Model and Singer
Miranda Kerr - Supermodel and founder of KORA Organics Tom Gleeson - Comedian
Ben Smith - Rugby League Player John O'Niell - Rugby League Player
John "Dallas" Donnelly - Rugby League Player James Wynn - Rugby League Player
Angus Roberts - Rugby Union Player Frank O'Keefe - Politician and mayor of Gunnedah for 18 years, and deputy Mayor for 7 years
Sharon Winsor - Indigiearth Founder Sam Naismith - AFL Player
Ray Martin - Television Personality Emmanuel Brothers - World renowned Musicians
James Knight - Journalist/Author Bridgett 'Bud' Hyem - Breeder of Kibah horses
Kibah Tic Toc - Olympic Gold Medalist Kibah Sandstone - Olympic Gold Medalist

Cool by Association:

Gordon Bray - Sports Commentator (wife is from Gunnedah)  


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