Lake Keepit is a popular inland sport and recreation destination. This picturesque area is wonderful for water sports and fishing enthusiasts, nature lovers, bushwalkers, campers and picnickers. Lake Keepit is a regional dam with a capacity of 425,000 megalitres, making it nearly as large as Sydney Harbour. The dam supplies water for irrigation, stock and domestic use in the Namoi Valley.

Keepit Dam is named after the property Keypit on which it was built.

Reflections Holiday Park is located at Lake Keepit. It is an ideal place for fun and relaxation for the whole family with barbecues, picnic facilities and bushwalking along the Namoi. With 34 kilometres of stunning waterways, Lake Keepit offers many activities such as gliding, bike riding, skating, tennis and volleyball, as well as water sports and fishing.

The park has a wide variety of accommodation.

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