The Rainbow Serpent: Aboriginal artists designed the magnificent Rainbow Serpent Water Feature outside Gunnedah’s Civic Centre in Chandos Street. The work of many local artists feature in the colourful tiles along the length of the serpent’s body. Its creation has drawn on the culture, traditions, families, history and experiences of the artists.

Pensioners Hill: 10 Aboriginal totem poles stand tall on Pensioners Hill. The totem poles were handcrafted by local artists in 2012. They represent significant people, dreamtime legend and customs of the Kamilaroi Tribe including the Biamee Spirit, the Red Chief Shield and the Rainbow Serpent. Large heritage sandstone sculptures also depict the cultural heritage of the area. Find out more about Pensioners Hill Lookout here.

Porcupine Lookout: This lookout is known to the local Aboriginal people of the Kamilaroi Tribe as 'Bindea' (pronounced Bindee), which translates to “The place where the shrubs with leaves like a porcupine quill grow”. Find out more about Porcupine Lookout here.

Wallaby Trap: a traditional hunting ground popular due to the landscape creating a naturally net. The Wallaby Trap is at the base of Porcupine Lookout.


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